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Obama’s Obsession?

May 22, 2009

Minutes ago, as President Obama was putting pen to paper, signing a bill to reform defense spending that received near unanimous support from both parties in Congress, I switched over to Fox News, to get their spin on this landmark piece of legislation. Fox News Contributor and former Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perrino was instead complaining that President Obama needs to end his obsession with Dick Cheney. According to Perrino, Obama needs to start worrying about whats going on now in America and stop spending his every waking moment personally attacking Dick Cheney.

OK. Well, after the President goes to the Naval Academy’s commencement service, he’ll be signing the credit card reform bill that many in both parties have said is long overdo. In fact, the President signed the Mortgage Relief Bill, as well as the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, this week as well. On Tuesday, he stood before Republican and Democratic Governors, auto executives, labor leaders and environmentalists to announce new national auto emissions standards; something that hadn’t been done in three decades. Oh, and he also met with Israel’s brand new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Monday. The meeting went into extra innings, as both men said it was far more productive than was hoped it would be.

But getting back to President Obama’s “obsession”. As every Fox News regular will tell ya, Dick Cheney wiped the floor with our limp-wristed commie pres, with his lefty “recklessness of righteousness”. Cheney said Obama’s policies have made America less safe, this despite recent polling in which Americans say Obama’s policies have kept us safer than Bush’s policies by a margin of 46% to 28%.

Remember, one in seven Gitmo detainees that were released under Bush/Cheney’s watch have returned to terroristic activities. But they kept us safe… Remember, right now, there are over 300 convicted terrorists serving time in American prisons; yet, somehow, we can’t handle a Gitmo detainee in any of our prisons… And remember, George W. Bush discontinued the policy of waterboarding detainees near the start of his second term. We were safe then, but aren’t now?

Now, don’t get me wrong, President Obama does have an obsession, but it ain’t Dick. It’s our shared national values. The President delivered yesterday’s speech from Washington’s National Archives building, where the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are kept. And the values that Dick consider a hindrance matter to this President. In President Obama’s words: “We uphold our most cherished values not only because doing so is right but because it strengthens our country and it keeps us safe.” And that’s a good thing.

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  1. May 23, 2009 10:33 pm

    There’s nothing to add to what you said so well!

    I read an interesting op-ed piece at The Washington Post. Starts like this:

    “President Obama is:

    (a) A disappointing sellout to conservatives, someone who ran promising to reverse the Bush administration’s excesses in the war on terrorism and has now embraced them.

    (b) A dangerous liberal whose naïve views about playing nicely with terrorists threaten national security.

    (c) A kinder, gentler George W. Bush, hewing largely to the previous administration’s terrorism policies while wrapping them in more pleasing rhetoric.

    The president has been accused of all three in the past few days, which suggests that the correct answer is:

    (d) None of the above. Obama inherited a minefield of difficult legal issues entwined in the war on terrorism, and he has picked his way carefully, intelligently and — for the most part — correctly through them.”

  2. May 24, 2009 1:53 am

    Thanks so much, that was an excellent article. The last sentence sums it up quite well: “It’s smart change, dangerously overdue.”


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